Nikon FM10 with 35-70mm F3.5-4.8 Zoom Lens | FILM TESTED | Perfect condition + documents

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Nikon FM 10 is a great camera to start! Tested with film. Fully working copy with full equipment (original case, lens cap, documentation). You get exactly what you see in the picture.

🏆 Age rating: 4.8/5

Type: 35mm SLR with focal plane shutter and TTL metering system
Film Format: 35mm film, 24 x 36 mm
Lens Mount: Nikon F Mount
Shutter: Vertically moving metal focal plane shutter “B”, 1 -1/2000sec.
Self-Timer: Mechanical self-timer with 10 sec shutter release delay
Viewfinder: Field of view covers 92% horizontally and vertically
Magnification: 0.84X (with 50 mm f1.4 standard lens)

Viewfinder Display:
Red ” +” mark LED: Over exposure warning
Green “O” mark LED: Correct exposure indication
Red” -” mark LED: Under exposure warning

Focusing: Split-image / microprism type surrounded by matte field
Exposure Metering: TTL center-weighted full aperture exposure measuring system. By pressing Exposure Measurement Button or Shutter Release Button
Metering Range: EV2 – 19 (ISO 100. f2.0, 1 sec. – f16, 1/2000 sec.)
Flash Synchronization: Standard ISO type hotshoe contact on the Accessory-shoe.
Synchronization speed: 1/125 or lower.
Film Advance: By single lever-action with 135 degrees, winding angle and 30 standoff angle. Shutter Release Button is interlocked with the advance lever stored
Film Rewind: By film rewind button and film rewind crank
Frame Counter: Additive type with auto reset by opening the back cover
Other Functions: Multiple Exposure, Preview Lever
Film Speed Range: ISO 25 – 3200 by 1/3 steps
Power Source (not included): Two 1.5V Alkaline batteries (LR44) or Silver batteries (SR44)
Dimensions: 139mm x 86mm x 53mm
Weight: 420g

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