Yashica Mat medium format 6×6 TLT camera PERFECT CONDITION

It is difficult to contain emotions while watching and touching this camera live.

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It is difficult to contain emotions while watching and touching this camera live. One of the most beautiful TLR cameras we have ever owned. You can easily dismiss it by saying that Yashika simply made a Rolleiflex clone at a more affordable price, but time has already put everything in its place and these cameras have firmly occupied their niche, however, absolutely not without reason.

Build quality, parts, technical part, all at the highest level. Look, a simple example, we got the camera directly from England. Before us, it was owned by a certain K. Thompson, on the case it is mentioned as many as three times (including the address of the former owner). But judging by the fact that the strap from the case was dilapidated and its dust generously covered everything around, we conclude that the last time it was filmed was 20-30 years ago. And usually, after such a serious downtime, the mechanisms need some time to just recover (and ideally, of course, a CLA is needed). But what happened to this camera? Except of few dust at the viewfinder there was nothing. From the very first tests she worked out each shutter speed 3 times, each closing of the aperture, each blade, absolutely all the mechanisms worked as if she had just received a CLA yesterday.

Original leather case with belt (breaking during the tests, time spares no one), original lens cover, excellent safety of the camera and flawless operation of all components. In general, I have no words, only apologies for such a long preface. We pass to dry characteristics. Sample frame (10) from the lomography website

🏆 Rating with age: 5/5

▫️Made in Japan, produced from July 1958 to January 1970
▫️Film type 120 (sold in any photo store), frame size 6×6 cm
▫️Main lens 80mm f/3.5 coated Yashinon
▫️Viewfinder lens 80mm f/3.2 coated Yashinon
▫️Focus 1m to infinity
▫️ Dual reflex viewfinder at waist level
▫️Copal MXV Leaf Shutter
▫️ Shutter speeds B, 1 – 1/500 sec
▫️PC port M and X Flash Sync
▫️Dimensions 75 x 143 x 100 mm
▫️Weight 1094 g

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